The Conservative Politician’s Guide to Origins – Take One

As part of the leftists attempts to destroy Marco Rubio before he becomes a viable candidate for higher office, he is being smacked around with questions about origins.

This has been a trend over the last several years. Agents of the common culture such as talk show hosts and reporters have taken to asking conservatives if they believe in evolution. Like so many things, conservatives try to answer a complex question truthfully and quickly.

The truthful part is not the mistake, neither is the quickly part. Answering the question is a mistake.

The purpose of the question is to give the conservative’s opponents – which include reporters and talk show hosts – ammunition to portray you as backward.

As you know, only the kind of person who would execute Galileo would believe that God created the heavens and the earth. Even by giving the same answer President Obama gave – that there is controversy about how the world began and people shouldbe free to explore those answers – will not save you. The conservative brand is such that unless you can pull out an autographed Stephen J. Gould rookie card, it is assumed you are a backward luddite.

One possible response is to answer the question that is being asked, not the one being presented. The reporter is asking you if you are anti-science. Since the state is their god, and scientists their priests, they are setting you up to blaspheme their religion. Don’t fall for it.

“Let me offer you my full-throated endorsement for science and technology. Since Francis Bacon first developed the scientific method for searching for truths in the physical world, humanity has benefitted in incalculable ways. I believe empirical research should be supported by any society that wants to be successful I think scientists should be free from undue political influence though I believe the scientific community ought to very thoughtfully consider the moral implications of both the product of their research and the methods of their research.”

You will be pressed about evolution, and I might say, “Empirical science demands experiments that are observable, repeatable and falsifiable. Since I have not performed any experiments in creating universes of my own, I have to depend on the results of those who have for my scientific understanding of origins. I personally have no experience as a researcher in this area, so I have no opinion that I am willing to offer with epistemological certainty. You’ll have to ask a scientist for that answer.”

This answer is probably too clever by half – one cannot experimentally reproduce all the conditions for the creation of the observable universe, so origins is forever outside the reach of empirical science. One can create experiments to replicate some of the theorized conditions, but this is like balancing your books by looking at one line in the ledger.

Pressed further, you might simply answer “I agree with President Obama.” If you are like Todd Akin, this should be your first answer, and stop.The Conservative Politician’s Guide to Origins

2 thoughts on “The Conservative Politician’s Guide to Origins – Take One

  1. You’re absolutely right and let’s not forget journalism is the “second” oldest profession, hence their lack of scruples and willingness to do anything for personal gain. Todd Akin’s problem is that he is not very intelligent, like the majority of politicians, but Democrats don’t have their mental acuity tested because the morons in the media don’t want to embarass them. Who overwhelmingly votes for somewhat up for investigation on criminal charges, who is also mentally unstable? Obviously Democrats don’t require personal principals or psychological stability in their candidates, and we all know the quality of their followers, i.e., that 47%.

  2. I disagree that Todd Akin is unintelligent. I believe he is an engineer, and brought his engineer’s mind to politics. It can look just like dullness, which is why people get confused.

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