Gun Ban Madness

I think quiet horror and reflective prayer are the appropriate response to the mass murder at the Sandy Hook school in Connecticut. We who have lost a child know the incoherent grief confusion and the desolate wall that slams down on your spirit in the immediate aftermath of the news that your baby boy or little girl is no more.

Would that our society have the grace to allow some time to pass after an event like Sandy Hook, Columbine, Aurora before we make comments on political policy. We have had more than enough opportunity to develop those habits. It would be a kindness to the families to provide space for reflection.

Unfortunately, within moments of the news of this unspeakable crime, elements of our society who live, eat, and breathe politics were taking to the air, hoisting the lifeless bodies of the victims in support of political ends.

There are two ways to look at Sandy Hook. One, that there are too many guns in society. Another is that there were not enough guns at Sandy Hook to prevent the maniac from choosing it as a target.

The insane are not completely irrational. While some act in a profoundly anti-social fashion, they are cogent enough to plan, to consider their options, and to pick their targets. I would be perfectly happy to see my grandchildren’s teachers carrying a firearm openly. Let the parents who object send their kid to a gun free zone. I want my wee ones swaddled in the protective embrace of citizens who take protecting children seriously.

How many who are out there howling for gun control in the wake of this latest crime are themselves protected by armed guards? Hollywood celebrities who have armed security in their entourage ought to be mocked openly for their hypocritical calls for unilateral disarmament of their fellow citizens. Media figures like Rupert Murdock know that an unarmed security detail is worthless, and his calls for bans should be ridiculed. Let President Obama demand his Secret Service agents beat their Sig Sauers into plowshares before we hear his demand that we give up our self defense.

Gun control enthusiasts are in control of the cities and institutions that are the most dangerous because the good people there are disarmed and made most vulnerable. Everyone who raises the standard of gun control in response to a crime like this are on the side of murderers whether they realize it or not. To let mad calls for more of that which made such crimes more likely unchallenged would be immoral.

I very much wish we could all take a few weeks to process the terrible sadness visited upon our nation. However, the record of gun control throughout the history of our world is both clear and brutal. Untold millions without guns have been the victims of those with guns. Given how so many who call for gun bans are under the protection of people with guns, I say “you first.”

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