America Cannot Survive Without Strong Families

In spring of 2012, I visited with a group of men and women on a remote piece of property in rural Missouri.  They called themselves “Three Percenters”, a reference to the fact that the American war for independence was waged by only three percent of the colonists.

I went with my wife to meet with a family member who helped organize the meet-up.  I was going to talk about making and using a rocket stove, an innovation that allows third world residents cut their consumption of fuel. My wife was going to demonstrate canning.

As we drove up, we were met by two plump, but serious-looking middle age men wielding long guns at port arms, one a shotgun and the other an AR-15.  I am a gun nut, and was not particularly alarmed, but having sentries patrolling the perimeter seemed silly to me.

Around the campfire we bitched about everything we thought was wrong about America. The conversation went on for hours.  Eventually I asked questions of everyone there.  What do you do for a living? What do you do for fun? Married?  Kids?

A pattern emerged on the family front.  Most have had at least one divorce, some several.  A couple gents were just bachelors.  There were plenty of kids mentioned, but few of the kids were in an intact family.

I have reflected on this experience for months, and I am still not sure what to think about it.
I do know that I want my kids to be married for life.  I want my grandkids to see an example of love between husband and wife.  I want them to experience the lifelong love of a spouse like I have.

We cannot have a strong America with weak families.  We cannot have a strong America with men who are ill-equipped to be good husbands and women unable to be good wives.

Culturally, we have totally lost our way on what “good husband” and “good wife” even mean.  Decades of slow, steady erosion of what constitutes a healthy marriage and a healthy marriage have taken a terrible toll on who we are as a people.  There is no doubt that the siren song of the all-provident State is heard by men and women who have needs unmet that ought to be met through the family.  It is telling that the when Obama’s campaign extolled the cradle to retirement life of “Julia” that little was said about the role of family or husband.

Guns, ammo, prepping, a library full of books, tracts and pamphlets extolling the virtues of a Constitutional Republic are meaningless if a citizen cannot successfully form the very bonds of family and community that the Constitutional Republic was formed to protect.

Before pledging our lives, fortunes and sacred honor to our nation, we must first pledge those things to our marriages and our families.  To have all the liberty, and no family would be a hollow victory.  With a strong family, we can weather any storm.

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