Ed Martin for Chairman of the MOGOP

Quick question – do you know who the chairman of the Missouri GOP is?

Neither do I, and that’s a huge problem. At the Federal level, progressives run the show. Establishment GOP is spineless, the media are mendacious and the people are deeply confused about what should be done by the Feds. Part of the problem, candidly, is a moral failing of the electorate. Too many of us have our hand out and are wanting the government to do those things that ought to be done in our communities and families or by ourselves. Another part is a lack of leadership.

Ed Martin is a leader. I have had the privilege of working with him for over four years through two campaigns. While he lost both the house seat and the Attorney General’s office, he demonstrated an amazing ability to motivate people to a good cause. He is an indefatigable organizer, something I cannot say about anyone else in the MOGOP leadership.

Overrun in Washington DC, conservatives are going to have to retrench at the state level. It would be wonderful to have Ed fighting Washington DC from the attorney general’s office, but having Ed in the bully pulpit of the MOGOP chairman’s seat would provide an energetic shot in the arm for a demoralized, moribund party.

Over the years, the Tea Party has been ramping up, doing more than showing up and waving around Gadsden Flags. Many have been running for committee chairmanships, serving as precinct captains and the like. You can’t see it, but things are changing in the GOP at the grassroots level.

Ed Martin was at the very first tea party rally in April of 2009 (as was I) and while some have come and gone, he has remained faithful to the cause. Ed is no sunshine patriot. He has sacrificed a great deal in a difficult environment to make a difference, foregoing four years of his career to run for office. If you consider his campaigns as incubators for grassroots action, the value of his leadership has been incalculable. Ed has a volunteer following who will do almost anything for Ed. Imagine if a true-blue consistent Tea Party conservative becomes the GOP chairman!

Ed is as frustrated with the bullsh*t as are you and I. The GOP owns the House and Senate, but we waste our time and effort on crony projects and ignore important fiscal issues. They fail to work to protect Missourians against the intrusions of the Federal Government. The Missouri GOP delegation passes on one opportunity after another in communicating the value and power of liberty.

Ed will not have that problem.

The establishment has lined up behind the other guy, but Ed is courting votes and could win this Saturday. If you know any of the 68 committee members who will be voting on the next chair, get in touch and encourage them to reform our state party by providing a proven leader with impeccable conservative credentials.

8 thoughts on “Ed Martin for Chairman of the MOGOP

  1. Ed, I told you recently I was done with the Republican party for the very same reasons stated here. However, if you do become the chair of the Mo. Rep. party, I will give you as much help as possible. If someone else gets the position, I will only help candidates that show the same strength and courage as you display.We need you.

  2. Please win!
    It’s about time! 🙂
    Ed Martin is will burst pretty soon, if he does not get a place to serve!
    I’d really hate to see that! 🙂

  3. What is Ed’s plan to deal with our Republican U.S. Representatives ans Senator(s) in D.C. who consistently vote against the interests of Missourians by casting votes for unconstitutional bills and spending programs? Case in point, the UNCONSTITUTIONAL Hurricane Sandy Relief bill. ALL MO Reps voted for this bill to send OUR money to east-coast liberals to rebuild their million-dollar condos.

    Sadly, Ann Wagner’s very first vote in Congress violated the oath she took just the day before. How does Ed plan to address these type of votes with them?

  4. Ms. Goldman – My name is Tim McNabb, and this is my blog. Almost everything on this site is my work, though Ed did use this blog to publish a Christmas post.

  5. I cannot speak for Ed, but I know that the chair of the MOGOP can set a tone for the party against which actions can be compared. If Ed is advocating for small government, less spending, responsible management of debt etc. and the GOP delegation runs counter to that standard, that will create conflict that the press will cover and consternation for those who stray.

    Shame and rebuke are how that happens.

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