Ed Martin: MOGOP Chairman – Hot Damn!

Ed Martin is now Chairman of Missouri’s Republican Party.

Let that sink in for a minute.

The former chairman and the choice preferred by the GOP Establishment lost Saturday to Ed. The entire GOP delegation to Congress lined up behind the other guy. Normally when you are the head of an organization that puts up an epic fail like that suffered in 2012 here in Missouri you are politely invited to find another way to serve. Instead, the GOP-E backed the loser, which goes a long way to explaining how Speaker Bohener still has his job.

See, the establishment is not about winning, they are about not losing and so long as they have a seat at the table, they don’t seem to care about how wrecked everything surrounding the table gets.

Ed has his work cut out for him, but his victory started several years ago with even smaller victories all across the state. Men and women began paying attention. They began getting involved. They began running for the functionary posts that are the beating heart of a functioning political party.

They began to win.

I am as discouraged as anyone about the re-election of Barack Obama, the success of the Democrats and the incompetence of the Republicans, but bear in mind the GOP has only been a principled conservative party since Reagan, and candidly the Establishment has only been conservative enough to keep people like you and me voting for them. We have been bleeding principled conservatives to third parties for decades.

There are at war on the fronts of culture, politics and education. While these are inextricably intertwined, they are distinct enough that we need to look at Ed’s election for MOGOP Chair as an indicator of how the tide can change under the feet of the opponents of freedom. Ed is a marvelous cheerleader, and very generous with his efforts. He’s been behind the scenes of many successful state House and Senate races doing important work increasing our lead in Jefferson City. The farm team he has helped put together is impressive. As Chairman, Ed will put in the time to smarten’ up candidates. Before we know it, the Progressives will not be running against milktoasts, screwballs, mealy-mouths and candy-asses. They’ll be running against men and women who are brave, bold and can communicate, willing to be genuine citizen leaders.

I worked with Ed for over four years, helping him run for the House and Missouri’s Attorney General. I’ve been amazed by his human Energizer Bunny work ethic. The man is a force of nature.

The old guard lacked the needed fighting spirit for our times. We are in an existential battle for the very soul of our nation. Ed said many times that America as we know it is never guaranteed. Every generation must advance it or risk losing it. I am confident now that the uncertain trumpets of the MOGOP will become a thing of the past, and we’ll have the sound of guns to which to ride.

One thought on “Ed Martin: MOGOP Chairman – Hot Damn!

  1. Finally! Someone at the helm who is capable and inspires
    confidence. It was a blow when he lost in the eleventh hour to Russ Carnahan. There is no way that Carnahan should have won; being about as popular as McCaskill. The way those district lines were drawn up were unbelievable. When a candidate runs, it should be in the district where they live and work. To stretch those linesalong the edge, ending up in the Northern part of the state shows how dishonest the politicians are, who are responsible for drawing those boundaries. As it turns out it would have been a hollow victory, since the district was eliminated all together; one consolation. The November election was a farce. Akin destroyed our chance of having a Republican victory in MO. Romney had a huge bump when he nominated Ryan, and then Akin happened. He could have dropped out gracefully; instead did the selfish thing, thinking of himself, instead of the citizens of MO. Democrats kept him in; surely he was smart enough to know that. They crossed over and voted for the candidate they knew they could beat. I wish that powerful people from other states would have stayed out of it. Akin might have dropped out without all that encouragement. It was a domino effect, and the worst happened. Now with a Conservative at the helm, and someone who will keep a watchful eye on who is running in the Republican primary, hopefully a true Conservative, the Democrats can be stopped in their tracks, and not steal another undeserved victory. After O walked away with this last election, I am more convinced then ever, that a Conservative is our only hope to get our country back. Why McCain and then Romney let O off the hook with so much they could have used against him, I will never understand. The Dem’s say it is a hardship to expect all voters to have a Voter ID card, but yet they could manage to ship busloads of voters to the polls early, buy their lunch, and make sure that most of these, probably uneducated voters cast a ballot. I know it was legitimate, but still feel like the election was stolen. Wasn’t early voting supposed to be for the electorate who couldn’t get to the polls on election day. Now it is just a convenience, and a huge help to all those government workers bussed to their polls. Romney was on a roll, and then Sandy happened, another gift to Obama; Christie putting the icing on the cake with that huge bear hug. Back to square one! I will never look at Christie the same again. O did what all presidents do when there is a disaster. Christie could have said, “No! to O. Bloomberg did! New Jersey still would have gotten their aid. Why do you think O kept calling Christie; he knew the huge photo op he would get; and did he ever, then on to Hawaii. His job was over; O got what he wanted! Christie said it was emotion for his state, but he should also have been smart enough to see what O was up to. Will Romney ever explain why he let Benghazi go? One reporter should not have thrown him completely off that trail. The Republican party inspires no confidence after blowing two elections, when they were practically handed to them. With Martin in the picture, for the first time in a long time, I feel a glimmer of hope! Guess I needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for the opportunity!

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