Rebuking the Rebuker of the Rebukers

FB_Rand_Paul_McCain_DanforthEd Martin called it right.

In my view, there is an enormous overburden of crap that the GOP could be criticizing about the Democrats.  They spend too much, they have a warped view of what freedom is, they are bullies.  Every one of their policies have the opposite effect of what they are supposed to do.  With such a target-rich environment, you would think that everyone in the Republican Party would have more than enough to complain about long before they made their way down the list to another Republican.

You would think wrong.

Senators McCain and Graham, still exhausting the flatus from a fine meal with President Obama raced to the cameras to scold Senator Rand Paul for the filibuster heard ’round the world.  Ed Martin, the MOGOP Party Chair, rebuked McCain and Graham for their diamond-like political hard-headedness.  I think these two old bulls had a sock in the eye coming.  As I said, there is more than enough to critique about the Other Guys. Taking a snark at Rand Paul was just two old Republican hacks giving a little love to a core constituency – the media.

I thought Ed made a strong argument about how the Republican Party needs a lot more Rand and a lot less McCain and Graham.  Paul took the fight to the Obama administration. McGraham was taken by the Obama administration.

Throughout the various privations visited upon our nation by the most liberal president in history, John Danforth has been largely silent, content to have his various and sundry foundations cash their cut of the largess from Uncle Sam.  What then would rouse this old Moderate Lion from his slumber?

Ed Martin rebuking the rebukers.

Apparently it is OK for fossilized moderates to swipe at their juniors, but Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill of the Speakers of Ill.  What a load of balderdash.

Bill Hennessy has done a bang-up job of deconstructing Danforth and the problems with the Old Guard of the GOP.  I know I spent the last five years trying to stem the hemorrhaging freedom promised by the ginormous expansions of government ushered in by President Obama.  I am sick and tired of the Establishment GOP being too afraid to take on anyone but conservatives.  I am delighted Ed Martin called out The Maverick and his sidekick.

Our side needs to use some of that boldness on the other side.  Keep swinging, Ed.

3 thoughts on “Rebuking the Rebuker of the Rebukers

  1. It’s a shame that anyone still brings Ed’s name up in any context including politics. He has been told many times in Missouri elections that we don’t buy his brand of hate here. This piece just proves no matter how much frosting you use people still know when you are trying to sell them a Cow Pie.
    We would all be better served if Ed faded into Missouri history and stopped cause trouble. We need solutions in government not babies.

  2. I agreed with what Martin said – whole heartedly! The more I see and hear from McCain, Graham, Priebus, and Rove, the more I hope that people like Paul, Cruz and Lee will change party affiliation. By pandering to groups (seems to be the latest Republican plan to enlarge the “BIG” tent) and standing firm on NOTHING – they won’t even notice that many of us have walked away! The Two-headed, one party system will be complete.

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