Sheep Asleep?

From the Wiki-How article "How to pretend to be asleep"Among the Facebook crowd, you occasionally get “that guy” who posts some fresh hell to their timeline and announces in all caps “WAKE UP SHEEPLE!”

Generally, I try to avoid screaming at my Facebook friends. I post plenty of fresh hell links demonstrating the mendacity of Big Government with pithy comments thrown in at no extra charge, but I have wondered why there are so many who are blind to the menace of a Government that is increasing in power exponentially. Are Americans “asleep” – are they “sheeple”.

I heard an expression a few months ago. “You can’t wake someone who is only pretending to sleep.” It can be reassuring to say that the problem with America is that the people have not quite woken up. That means all we have to do is yell louder and post more links with ALL CAPS!. The fact is that in our nation, people who ought to know better refuse to know better.

A physician who is able to do advanced calculus ought to know mathematically that Obamacare cannot work, but he voted for Obama because “something” has to be done to reform the health care system. How do you reach that guy? A business owner is shown a comparison of a family budget and the Federal budget. He shrugs, and still votes for Big Government politicians.

During the government shutdown, I read an article from a lawyer who lamented the “constitutional crisis” of the House trying to defund Obamacare. While one may not like that tactic, it is certainly within the constitution for the House to fund, or refuse to fund, the enforcement of a law. It wasn’t a constitutional crisis when Democrats did it for the border fence. This Washington University School of Law graduate knows, but just doesn’t care – the rhetoric is more important than the truth.

The problem with America is the general problem of human nature. Religious leaders in the time of Christ came to the Savior asking for a sign from heaven that Jesus was who He claimed to be. The Savior them that they can look at the sky and predict the day’s weather, but they were unable to see the evidence for the Messiah right before their eyes. By this time, Jesus had performed many miracles – more than enough to validate who He was. These guys just did not WANT to believe. Once upon a time, most Americans knew and understood this cautionary story.

Our nation is filled with people who ought to know better, but vote as if they do not. They balance their checkbooks, they pay their bills, they manage their debt. They work hard and are thoughtful neighbors. Then they go to the ballot box and vote for people who do none of these things, and lament the handful of politicians who try to hold the line. Hopefully when these fiscal chickens come home to roost, those pretending to sleep will be a quick study.

2 thoughts on “Sheep Asleep?

  1. Great article. It confirmed my confusion about how, highly educated ppl can be so blind. 28 yrs ago I began to question my liberal beliefs when I realized the so-called govt fixes were not producing the promised results, ex: War on Poverty programs. And knew it was because those programs kill the Human Spirit. I’m not the brightest crayon in the box but it didnt take long to realize my observations were correct & then found Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. I was now a ful fledged Conservative & felt relieved to finally be standing within the Truth.

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