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Amnesty – Killer App for the GOP?

Like clockwork, the GOP establishment rolls out the “We need to reach out to Latino voters by softening our stance on illegal immigrants if we want to stay relevant” after an epic spanking.  Like clockwork, the leftist press gives airtime to “consultants” for the GOP who lather, rinse, repeat. Like clockwork, well-meaning Democrats nod in agreement with these enlightened Republicans. “Yes,” they say “Do this and you could kick our ass in elections again.”

I am extremely sympathetic to anyone who comes to America, no matter how they get here. It is a wonderful place, filled with wonderful people. It is a place of relative peace and safety, and I would not have my children raised anywhere else. Still, I want America to stay America. America became what is is through a certain kind of civic life – the rule of law, hard work and a certain degree of independence.

If you live in a house, and you make a mess out of it, moving to a new house will not help you. Liberal policies have made a mess out of places like California, so the liberals are leaving for places like Colorado, but they are dragging the infected carcass of liberalism with them. How will Colorado fare any better than California after a few decades of relentless liberal policies?

It is the same for immigrants. Illegal immigrants who make the effort to enter America may be more motivated than those left behind but they did not study the Federalist papers before coming to the US. Most are fleeing economic hardship.

These economic refugees can be far more susceptible to the allure of leftist politics than someone who emigrated from the former Soviet Union and learned to loathe Marxism. If you are coming from Mexico, which is run on political and economic principles that lean far left you may not have made the connection between policy and perdition. We do not need a massive influx of new voters who bring with them an understanding of civic life that will in turn wreck the nation to whom they turned for refuge.

Our culture is not prepared to assimilate immigrants into a healthy view of American civic life and responsibility. Our school systems and universities have little faith in the America that we need to restore, so any new immigrant’s children will spend as much as sixteen years being trained to be a left-leaning voter.

Amnesty and immigration is just a way for Democrats to import another voting block and bill American taxpayers for the effort. The GOP establishment types who think a capitulation on maintaining our nation’s sovereignty will open the floodgates of latino voters are fooling themselves. Reagan already handed out 3 million citizenships. How did that work out for us? What the heck makes them think making the same mistake ten time bigger will work any better?