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Cliven Bundy’s Comments on Race – Unedited

This is supposedly the unedited version of the comments made by Cliven Bundy:

Cliven Bundy - Photo Business Insider…” and so what I’ve testified to ya’, I was in the WATTS riot, I seen the beginning fire and I seen the last fire. What I seen is civil disturbance. People are not happy, people is thinking they did not have their freedom; they didn’t have these things, and they didn’t have them.

We’ve progressed quite a bit from that day until now, and sure don’t want to go back; we sure don’t want the colored people to go back to that point; we sure don’t want the Mexican people to go back to that point; and we can make a difference right now by taking care of some of these bureaucracies, and do it in a peaceful way.

Let me tell.. talk to you about the Mexicans, and these are just things I know about the negroes. I want to tell you one more thing I know about the negro. Continue reading Cliven Bundy’s Comments on Race — Unedited

The AR-15 for the Uninitiated

As calls for a ban on “assault rifles” ring out, a little knowledge about the most popular “assault rifle” is in order.

The AR-15 replaced the heavier M1 Garand rifle that fired a powerful 30.06 (pronounced thirty ought six) cartridge, in Missouri, the 30.06 is a favorite among deer hunters. The weapon that ultimately became the main battle rifle of US forces fired a much lighter, higher velocity 5.56 mm cartridge.

There is a long spring in the back of the AR-15 that is compressed by a metal cylinder when the gun is fired. This spring and buffer soak up recoil from the fired round. This in turn keeps most of the “kick” of the rifle off the shooter’s shoulder. This innovation makes the AR-15 a relatively painless rifle to use. Being easier to shoot makes it easier to master shooting accurately. A combination of synthetic parts and sturdy, aluminum made the AR-15 rifle much lighter than equivalent firearms. Continue reading The AR-15 for the Uninitiated

Pounding the 2nd Amendment Drum

This week I have been writing a great deal about gun rights, just not on this blog.  Below are links to the blogs I’ve been writing over at The Truth About Guns, a great blog that covers everything from gun reviews to self-defense tactics to hunting gear to politics.  You can guess what I have been writing about.  Here are links to some of my latest pieces:

It’s Time for Common Sense Media Control

Since we are talking gun control in the wake of Sandy Hook, how about we talk a little media control? The Sandy Hook murderer was a disturbed young man, but being disturbed doesn’t mean they are stupid or irrational – at least not irrational within the confines of their own mind. Continue reading Pounding the 2nd Amendment Drum

Retaking the High Ground

Ronald Reagan referred to Congress, the news media and special interest groups as an “Iron Triangle” that hampered his efforts to get the federal budget under control. In the decades since, I think we are learning that Reagan’s iron triangle is a symptom, not a cause.

The rot in the national consciousness that blinds our fellow citizens to the enormous danger decades of reckless big government spending is a result of a different triad. Those of us who believe in fiscal responsibility are pinned down by forces that control the high ground of the media, the academy and the bureaucracy. We are only able to eek out territory by inches while our opponents can advance miles at a time.

The media is a regular boogeyman among conservatives, but we often only talk about bias in the news. What we fail to understand is that the media includes everything from newspapers, network and cable news to movies, sitcoms and cartoons our children voraciously consume.

Within the walls of the academy, a liberal worldview is default. We as parents see our tax dollars used to send our children to seven hours a day, nine months a year, kindergarten through senior in high-school to live in a culture carefully crafted to reflect all the features of a liberal utopia. We then go deeply into debt to send our young men and women to four to eight years of intense exposure to liberalism actively hostile to a conservative way of thinking.

Politicians come, politicians go, but bureaucracy is eternal. Long gone are the legislators who gave the alphabet soup of agencies at the Federal level the power to enforce regulations as if they are law. Vast swaths of property rights have been placed under the purview of well-paid bureaucrats with budgets, time on their hands and a default view of government knows best. Minds comfortable with big-government policy are drawn to big-government jobs. Taxpayer funded unions for government workers make it extremely difficult to muster the political resolve to abate the power and reach of these agencies. What agency head would ever set a goal to reduce the number of agents by 10%? Who of these would ever try to voluntarily cut their enforcement budget by 10%?

This is the battle. So long as we have an academy redefining freedom, a media mocking freedom and a bureaucracy that exists to take freedom, political success will only take us so far. With our blogs, rallies and remarkable successes considering the forces arrayed against us, I fear we are only playing small-ball.

Our opponents have been playing chess while we have been playing checkers. We will always be on the defensive so long as our strategy fails to address getting conservatives to teach, conservatives to write scripts and produce entertainment and conservatives to chip away at the influence of the bureaucracy.

This is the battle before us. We must prepare for a multi-generational battle to take our portion of the opponent’s high ground.

A Conservative Candidate’s Guide to the Rape and Incest Question – Version 1

Leftist Journalist: So, Mr. Conservative candidate, do you oppose a woman’s right to abortion in the case of rape and incest?

Conservative Candidate: That is an excellent question.  It delves into the details of the implications of a policy decision.  Let me ask, what is my opponent’s position on abortion?

LJ: Well, she is pro-choice.

CC: Anytime, no exceptions?

LJ: I suppose so…

CC: Indeed.  Tell me, has she ever told the public if she is in favor of a woman’s right to abort a baby girl because the woman wants a baby boy?

LJ: Mr. Conservative candidate, I’m not interviewing her…

CC: Fair enough, but I do wonder if any of your colleagues have ever asked if technology allowed doctors to determine if a child would be gay if she would support a woman’s right to abort that child and try for a straight child….

LJ: I don’t see how that is relevant…

CC: Has my opponent ever been asked if children who are born to rape victims are somehow inferior to children who were conceived through consensual sex?

LJ: I doubt it…

CC: How about this: If a young woman is a victim of incest, does my opponent consider that her “anytime, no exceptions” abortion policy might enable an abuser to continue the crime, literally destroying the evidence?

LJ: Mr. Conservative Candidate…

CC: “Pro-Choice” is a very broad, banal term, just as is “Pro-Life”.  Both positions have meaningful implications – details – that ought to be considered.  As a pro-life candidate, I get these kind of questions all the time, but I note that the public has no idea what my opponent’s thoughts are on the implications of her position on abortion, because she is not asked.

LJ: If you do not want to answer the question…

CC: I do, but you will not let me…

LJ: Yes I will, you are just evading the question

CC: Not at all.  Rape victims are not political cudgels to be wielded against candidates.  I am honoring the weight of the question. Victims of these terrible crimes need compassion and understanding.  They deserve justice. How we as a society show love and compassion for these victims is a topic worth discussion.

I’d be willing to answer your question as part of a respectful discussion with my opponent about the whole panoply of implications of both the pro-life position and pro-choice position.  I think we need to explore how those policies will meet the requirements of showing love, respect and support for women who have been assaulted.  I think it is profoundly unfair to women in particular and society in general to treat this topic with sound bites.

How Can This Be?

We were promised the Age of Aquarius when Obamessiah took office. The man hasn’t even been sworn in and the usual suspects are already trashing him in effigy.

For the record, this offends me. I think Obama is going to be a dreadful president because he is not a grown-up, and he is surrounded by non-grown-ups. Nevertheless, he is my President, and that’s my president they are walking on and trashing. It ought to piss us all off.

Lee Enterprises – One Born Every Minute

Lee Enterprises, who bought my hometown newspaper the St. Louis Post Dispatch for over a billion dollars now faces delisting from the New York Stock Exchange because their share price has been below a dollar for over 30 days.  Lee’s total market capitalization right now is less than 20 million dollars.

First, congratulations to the Pulitzer family for their amazing timing.  Considering that the whole Lee chain of newspapers can now be bought for a years worth of interest on the STLPD’s purchase price I think we can all applaud the acumen shown by these good folk.  Clearly the Pulitzers were tired of the newspaper business, and part of me is glad they found a sucker.

The part of me that is glad they found a sucker is the part that is sick and tired of not getting the newspaper.  I have been a fairly loyal subscriber for years.  Once, I took the paper daily and weekend paper.  Getting up in the morning, sliding the wrapper off and drinking a cup of coffee while reading the happenings of the last 24 hours was a uniquely rewarding experience. I felt all grown-up.

Unfortunately I lost faith in the “news” part of newspaper.  Listening to a number of sources, it rapidly dawned on me that reporters are less interested in telling me the news than in telling me a story.  “Balanced reporting” frequently turned out to simply be the publication of opposing sets of statements without regard to the actually, factual, truthfulness of those statements.  The right kind of liars had equal weight with those who spoke the truth.  I began to see a pattern where only the “correct” kind of story got told and that from the “correct” perspective.

The last straw came with the inclusion of “Rise Up”, a insert/publication that sought to “have a conversation about race”.  Inserted into the already thin weekend paper, it was little more than middle-school level blather about everyone getting along, overcoming our differences and other piffle. Nothing about overcoming being an idiot.

I am weary of “conversations” in the bloody newspaper.  I would like to know who did what, what happened, where it happened, why it happened and how does it affect me. I am open to any variation of these themes but I would like a presentation of the facts, the whole facts and nothing but the facts in a readable, punchy style.  That they have the money and interest to distribute “RiseUp” but not invest in hard-bitten, cynical “if your momma says she loves you, check with at least two sources” reporters said it all. We canceled our subscription and now I just read the comics online.

Lee could have called me and asked if the newspaper was worth buying.  I would have told them hell no.  The product is crap, and I don’t have time or inclination to try to figure out what the reporters or editors have failed to ask or failed to say either out of laziness, ignorance, a lack of curiosity or for my own good.