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On Race and the Trump University Case

Donald Trump
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First, let me state that Trump is not my preferred GOP candidate. I find him far less troublesome than the #NeverTrump crowd. I want my president to be thoughtful of the constitution, temperate and to lead by setting a good example – a man who can be thought of well even by those who oppose his party and policies.

Well that ship sailed a while ago, so we have Trump.

The latest of a massive list of controversies is the accusation by Trump that judge Gonzalo Curiel cannot be impartial because the good judge has Mexican heritage…or something like that.

The reaction from all the right people has been to get their skirts over their heads calling Trump a racist. While I wish that Trump would be a bit more thoughtful, the fact is that the man – Trump that is – has a fair point.

Consider this: If a black man accused of a crime is to be tried by 12 white jurors, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? While I personally think the race of a jury ought not matter in most circumstances, the fact is that for DECADES we have been told that in the interests of justice we have to consider the race or the participants, from cops to investigators to jurors and yes, judges.

Now, I think a judge ought to, as a matter or propriety, stay away from politics, especially identity politics where one’s “heritage” is a key factor of one’s influence. I am a Scot, but other than my name and a few gags about being cheap, it is not a key factor of my ability to influence others. Judge Curiel, no doubt a fine man, still has given a boatload of money to the Clinton Foundation, and is an active member of a legal society that is built – not around common factors such as law philosophy or a neutral charity, but rather race. It’s called The Race for pity’s sake.

Minority groups exert enormous pressure on those within it to be “unified” and in our current environment, the dominant “Latino” position is to be hostile to reducing illegal immigration. I’ll not bore you pointing out the rioters  waving Mexican flags at Trump rallies. You are not an idiot.

Judge Gonzalo Curiel decided long ago to make his ethnicity a key component of his influence, signalling some kind of political and/or racial solidarity with the greater Latino community. Now that Trump is in a heated contest with Clinton, I think it is perfectly reasonable to take the Judge at his word that he makes his something of a priority and expect, much less ask, that he recuse himself. The judge has nobody but himself to blame.

The identity politics of the Left has brought us to this place where one citizen suspects the fairness of perspective of another if the heritage between them is an insufficient match. Don’t blame Trump for following the rules they laid down.

Why is CNN on at my Bank?

My bank is a nice, stable, well-run bank.  In the lobby they help folks endure the occasional wait by putting cable news up on the wall behind the tellers. It is about the only time I ever see CNN.

CNN is everywhere.  I understand why it is in airports – I think there is some kind of decades-old contract in place, but why when Fox News has at least twice the viewership (depending on demographic group and time slot) is CNN playing in the bank, instead of Fox News or Fox Business News ?

Liberals may now begin shouting about the bias on Fox News (or “Faux” News as some more clever than I call it).  Therein is the point I am about to make.

Like CNN, Fox News has both news and commentary.  Hannity, O’Reilly, Huckabee and Beck are not reporters, they are commentators.  CNN has commentary shows, just nobody watches them.  CNN News and Fox News have reporters and anchors.  Everyone who crabs about Fox News being biased usually cites one of the commentators.  I cannot recall anyone claiming Brett Bair specifically saying or doing something that was clearly biased in favor of one side or the other of a political debate or calling out Sheppard Smith for putting spin on a news story.  They usually point to all the right of center commentators and insinuate that the culture of Fox News is biased at the core.

I think these criticisms are right.  Richard Murdock (who is hardly a conservative) made a business decision to create a news channel that would not insult the intelligence of the nation’s conservatives.  People who gather all this evidence and determine that Fox News is right of center are correct.

If you apply the same standard to CNN I think the objective observer would conclude the CNN has a liberal bias.  If both CNN and Fox News are on the same footing, each has a bias, why would a business choose to use the ratings loser rather than the ratings winner.

Think this dedicated lefty wouldn’t complain if she saw Fox News running at her bank?

The fact that CNN is the default choice for public displays of news is an example of cultural bias baked into the cake of our society.  It would not occur to me to complain to my bank managers about their lefty choice of news, but I can guarantee that there are plenty in the “Faux News” crowd who would complain if they looked up and saw FNC.  In their mind, CNN is balanced, Fox is biased.  The truth is both are biased, and more people want Fox’s bias than CNNs.

This common cultural tilt is how the political left are able to punch way above their weight class.  In the four debates this season, the least watched news organizations – PBS, CNN, ABC and CBS were all invited to send moderators and Fox was left out.  For whatever reason, these politically biased persons are perceived as being unbiased, as if left of center thinking is “normal” and right of center is a deviation from the norm.

Amnesty – Killer App for the GOP?

Like clockwork, the GOP establishment rolls out the “We need to reach out to Latino voters by softening our stance on illegal immigrants if we want to stay relevant” after an epic spanking.  Like clockwork, the leftist press gives airtime to “consultants” for the GOP who lather, rinse, repeat. Like clockwork, well-meaning Democrats nod in agreement with these enlightened Republicans. “Yes,” they say “Do this and you could kick our ass in elections again.”

I am extremely sympathetic to anyone who comes to America, no matter how they get here. It is a wonderful place, filled with wonderful people. It is a place of relative peace and safety, and I would not have my children raised anywhere else. Still, I want America to stay America. America became what is is through a certain kind of civic life – the rule of law, hard work and a certain degree of independence.

If you live in a house, and you make a mess out of it, moving to a new house will not help you. Liberal policies have made a mess out of places like California, so the liberals are leaving for places like Colorado, but they are dragging the infected carcass of liberalism with them. How will Colorado fare any better than California after a few decades of relentless liberal policies?

It is the same for immigrants. Illegal immigrants who make the effort to enter America may be more motivated than those left behind but they did not study the Federalist papers before coming to the US. Most are fleeing economic hardship.

These economic refugees can be far more susceptible to the allure of leftist politics than someone who emigrated from the former Soviet Union and learned to loathe Marxism. If you are coming from Mexico, which is run on political and economic principles that lean far left you may not have made the connection between policy and perdition. We do not need a massive influx of new voters who bring with them an understanding of civic life that will in turn wreck the nation to whom they turned for refuge.

Our culture is not prepared to assimilate immigrants into a healthy view of American civic life and responsibility. Our school systems and universities have little faith in the America that we need to restore, so any new immigrant’s children will spend as much as sixteen years being trained to be a left-leaning voter.

Amnesty and immigration is just a way for Democrats to import another voting block and bill American taxpayers for the effort. The GOP establishment types who think a capitulation on maintaining our nation’s sovereignty will open the floodgates of latino voters are fooling themselves. Reagan already handed out 3 million citizenships. How did that work out for us? What the heck makes them think making the same mistake ten time bigger will work any better?

A Conservative Candidate’s Guide to the Rape and Incest Question – Version 1

Leftist Journalist: So, Mr. Conservative candidate, do you oppose a woman’s right to abortion in the case of rape and incest?

Conservative Candidate: That is an excellent question.  It delves into the details of the implications of a policy decision.  Let me ask, what is my opponent’s position on abortion?

LJ: Well, she is pro-choice.

CC: Anytime, no exceptions?

LJ: I suppose so…

CC: Indeed.  Tell me, has she ever told the public if she is in favor of a woman’s right to abort a baby girl because the woman wants a baby boy?

LJ: Mr. Conservative candidate, I’m not interviewing her…

CC: Fair enough, but I do wonder if any of your colleagues have ever asked if technology allowed doctors to determine if a child would be gay if she would support a woman’s right to abort that child and try for a straight child….

LJ: I don’t see how that is relevant…

CC: Has my opponent ever been asked if children who are born to rape victims are somehow inferior to children who were conceived through consensual sex?

LJ: I doubt it…

CC: How about this: If a young woman is a victim of incest, does my opponent consider that her “anytime, no exceptions” abortion policy might enable an abuser to continue the crime, literally destroying the evidence?

LJ: Mr. Conservative Candidate…

CC: “Pro-Choice” is a very broad, banal term, just as is “Pro-Life”.  Both positions have meaningful implications – details – that ought to be considered.  As a pro-life candidate, I get these kind of questions all the time, but I note that the public has no idea what my opponent’s thoughts are on the implications of her position on abortion, because she is not asked.

LJ: If you do not want to answer the question…

CC: I do, but you will not let me…

LJ: Yes I will, you are just evading the question

CC: Not at all.  Rape victims are not political cudgels to be wielded against candidates.  I am honoring the weight of the question. Victims of these terrible crimes need compassion and understanding.  They deserve justice. How we as a society show love and compassion for these victims is a topic worth discussion.

I’d be willing to answer your question as part of a respectful discussion with my opponent about the whole panoply of implications of both the pro-life position and pro-choice position.  I think we need to explore how those policies will meet the requirements of showing love, respect and support for women who have been assaulted.  I think it is profoundly unfair to women in particular and society in general to treat this topic with sound bites.

Have We Lost Faith in Freedom?

For nearly four years I have been largely silent on my blog. I’ve been working closely with a candidate – Ed Martin. He is a good guy, a good friend and will make a great attorney general for the state of Missouri.

On the eve of “the most important election of our lifetimes” I am cautiously optimistic. I cannot imagine how President Obama – or anyone associated with his administration – could consider voting for four more years. Unless you are a well connected crony, a CEO of a stimulus funded alternative energy company or married to a senator, your life or the life of someone close to you has been drug down from 2008.

The average income is down $4000 – which is a lot of scratch for any family. I doubt even Mitt Romney tosses around four large like it was loose change. Personally, the recession has been much more problematic, though our family has been financially prudent and will weather this agonizing economic doldrums just fine.

The economic recession/depression is just a symptom of a larger illness that is entirely self-inflicted. We Americans have lost faith in freedom. Few Obama voters are going to freely and proudly admit that freedom is something to be traded for security, but millions of us are lured by the promise of security provided by the State if only we would carve off another slice of freedom and toss it to the government. From health care to disaster relief, we continue to hand responsibility over to the demonstrably incompetent because it is offered to us as “free.”

I thought the cold war would be the struggle of my generation. When the Berlin Wall came down, I thought global communism/socialism had finally been defeated. Even Bill Clinton turned his back on the worst aspects of progressivism – at least publicly – though his gnomes toiled away in the bowels of government to effect socialist redistribution by other means.

George W. Bush was a pseudo progressive, and had the war on terror not erupted, I suspect that he, like his father, would have allowed the enemies of constitutional government to consolidate their gains even more. We did get the infrastructure for a police state in the form of the Department of Homeland Security, some components of the Patriot act and while Medicare Part D appears to be a relatively well-functioning, affordable entitlement, it was nevertheless a further expansion of government.

It seems now that the long struggle will be against socialism (which is simply a patient form of communism) embedded in the heart of America. I do not think Romney is a small government conservative in his heart, though I am prepared to be proven wrong. That said, it is up to us to make that demand and enforce it.

If Ed wins, we will have a great champion for the constitutional republic bequeathed to us by our founders, but he is only one man. Romney is but one man. 100 Senators, 435 Representatives, nine judges and the President and Vice President are no match for a great glob of citizens who are afraid of freedom.

Since FDR, there has been a relentless siren call to free men and women that central planning by experts empowered by the government will make for a prosperous future. We see an endless stream of failure, of misery, of deprivation everywhere men take this bargain. Yet half of us vote for these vermin. Progressivism has to become a repellent idea to Americans. We need to supplant the false god of government with the True and Living God, or at least faith in their family and community.

Cult of Personality Not Playing in Peoria

I watched the media’s reaction to concerned parents objecting a planned address by President Obama to the children of the nation.  Very few seemed to understand that the issue was not just that a president was making a speech to kids.  Most pundits completely missed the point.  This was not just partisanship billowing up from the bitter clingers out in flyover country.

Allow me to explain.  One of the failings of the liberal press and its fellow travelers is that for them, history started this morning.  Those of us who have a memory longer than the last news cycle recall the creepy cult of personality that sprung up around Obama and continues largely undiminished among true believers.  Americans reared with more traditional notions of the relationship between citizen and nation recoil in horror at videos where celebrities pledge to serve the president.

The Obama campaign allowed or nurtured a messianic bubble around their candidate where all the hopes and dreams of the people in that inner circle of devotees were poured into the man.  Consider the online video where an Obama acolyte has people chanting “President Barack Obama” like a New Age mantra to the camera while Randy Rothwell’s “Sanctuary” plays as the soundtrack.  This song calls on God to prepare the heart of the believer to receive the Spirit of God.   It is almost impossible for me to adequately express how profoundly awful it is to see a worship song used in this fashion.  Blasphemy still fails to play in Peoria.

I do not necessarily blame the President for weirdness on the part of his supporters.  I do blame him for the weirdness of those on his payroll.  While the President’s speech may prove innocuous, the lesson plan fronted by the White House included such things as asking kids to meditate on how they could “help the President”.  Not their family, school, or community, but the President.  Coupled with an invitation to read the President’s books and other touchstones of “dear leader-ism” and you can see why we who have not yet drunk the Kool-Aid vigorously object.

Though now withdrawn, given that somewhere north of 90% of education establishment is part of Obama’s cult of personality I believe that many teachers and school administrators will indulge the administration in doing their part to chip away at what is left of individualism.  The very fact that someone in the White House read that lesson plan and saw that it was good tells me that they are paddling their canoe toward a place where leaders are venerated at the expense of the individual.

Bottom line, I don’t think that parents freaked out over an address by the President, it really was a freak out over an address by this President given the backdrop of his cultish campaign and the behavior in which his administration engages.  Not because he is a Democrat, but because the presidency seems to be all about him. Frankly I am encouraged that so many citizens objected.

Jacked-up creepy-freakin’ “Sanctuary” video:

Bizzarre, weird, pompous, self-important “Pledge to be a Servant” video:

The Left is Reeling – Don’t Let Up

The first “Tea Party” I went to was in my native St. Louis.  Held downtown on the steps of the Gateway Arch, Bill Hennessy and a handful of other nascent rabble-rousers used a tiny, tinny black Radio Shack megaphone to rally the gathered citizens.  Hundreds of men, women and children had taken off work, school and other pursuits to be there at lunchtime.

Later, thousands gathered for a Tea Party rally in Kiener Plaza downtown easily filling up 75% of the area.  On July 4th, hundreds gathered despite the deluge that soaked our corner of the Show-Me State.  August 22 saw hundreds more overwhelm the offices of our representatives demanding action.

The left does not know what to do with itself.  They are rocked back on their heels.  Like a bully who unexpectedly sees blood pouring from his nose after the scrawny kid finally punches back, I think they are trying to figure out what the hell just happened.  For now, all they can think of is to curse.

Unused to being a populist uprising we don’t know if the left have a glass jaw, or are we in for a bruising fight?  I don’t know, but I say once we are in a scrap we don’t quit until the opponent is in a deep, hot smoking crater.  We must not let up.  The American Left and their enablers among the “moderate” GOP have built the infrastructure of our enslavement, and we have learned that they mean to use it.

Marxist/Socialist/Fascist ideology is insatiable and knows no limits.  Its elite purveyors have no compunction.  They have scraped and clawed, grasping at power and aggregating to themselves more and more authority at the expense of the people who actually make the country work.

We normal folk who want nothing more than to live in peace and pursue happiness have indulged these appetites, many of us half believing the cynical appeals to our better angels. Help the poor, help the sick, shelter the homeless they say, even as their programs consume vast resources and make not so much as a dent in any of these problems they champion.

America is starting to hear the terrifying crackle of a civilization ablaze.  Many of us are responding to the claxon and joined with our neighbors to fling buckets upon the flames.  Tens of thousands have formed brigades to save their communities from power-hungry cynics.

Consider that hiss from leftist zealots in politics, media and the academy as proof that flames are being doused, but that does not mean the fire is out.  We have to redouble our efforts, to make Leftists accountable for the harm they have caused, and plan to cause.

Many of our neighbors who support this government are well-meaning.  To them we ought to be kind and patient.  On the other hand, the leftist elite have earned our full, tireless fury.  We must bring it to bear until Big Government, their infrastructure of tyranny, is utterly dismantled.

Obamacare and Christian Charity

While attending a rally in opposition to President Obama’s health care proposals, some of the counter-demonstrators held signs making an appeal from the perspective of faith.  As I recall one old fellow held up a sign stating that Jesus would support the sick.  Of the arguments for “Obamacare” perhaps this is the most compelling. 

The president himself states that we are “partners with God” over these grave issues.  I would not say that I am God’s partner, but I am certainly His servant, and I am both humbled and delighted to serve.  Being a follower of Christ, among the general commands articulated by The Master himself are these:  Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless and visit those in prison.  Pure religion is that widows and orphans receive care and mercy.  Anything that I have done to the least of these His brethren, I have done for Him. 

This may seem alien to my secular readers, but the Judeo-Christian tradition of charity is obedience to God’s call on our lives.  Giving and mercy are both spiritual gifts that scripture teaches must be exercised to do the work of the Church, which is to glorify God and make him known in the world.   Charity is an act of worship, expected of the believer as an exercise of faith.

The point that I am spooling up to is this:  The power to tax is the power to send a man with handcuffs someone’s home and exact money.  How can I as a Christian demand that the tax man go to my non-believing neighbor and exact resources to do God’s work?  When I write a check to support a clinic, I am drawing upon the resources of the Most High, who gives me all things I need to do His work in this world.  The non-believer may not make this claim (though God may still provide).

Christians who agitate for government-funded charity like health care are well motivated, but whatever appeal to my conscience they are trying to make is on shaky ground.  Forcing a charitable enterprise upon the unredeemed upon pain of law is not materially different than sending a cop to drag a man to church.

The very foundation of the health care system we enjoy in the US was built out of the pockets of Christian and Jewish congregations uniting to bring mercy to their friends and neighbors without regard to their creed, and for the most part without regard to their ability to pay.  The faithful, and those inspired by the faithful did this voluntarily and found great joy in the work.

If my Christian brothers and sisters wish to provide clinics and hospitals for the poor over and above what is offered now, I encourage them to join with the charitable institutions already in place and help.  Christian Charity is rewarding and commanded. We can’t relieve ourselves of our obligation by subcontracting this work to a bureaucrat.  Perhaps that’s why it’s been such a dismal failure.

How People Who Love The Environment Celebrate

I attended the Promise Keepers “Stand In The Gap” (or as I like to call it, the Million Mostly White Men March) back in the mid-nineties. Even though we were “Christianists” and voted overwhelmingly Republican, I distinctly recall spending a solid hour along with tens of thousands of other men PICKING UP THE &^%$#*&% TRASH.

Unlike hippies, we spend less time talking about how we love the environment and more time actually doing something about it.