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Boy Scouts in my Neighborhood

Boy Scouts

Yesterday a young man stopped by my house.  Bedecked in his Boy Scout uniform, he carried with him a flag, a hammer and a lengthy spike.  To fund his summer camp experience, he was offering a flag subscription.  For 25 bucks he’d post Old Glory on my lawn for Independence day, Veteran’s Day and a few other holidays.

I appreciate the Boy Scouts greatly, and I have a great deal of respect for a young man who will hustle door-to-door.  I let it slide that I have the Stars and Stripes flying on my porch already, and offered to make a donation in any case, perhaps to have him post the flag on one of my hippy neighbors.

The young man noted that he thinks he already ran across a hippy.  I asked why, and he stated that the man had called him a German Brown-Shirt.

My Scout visitor was a refugee from Bosnia, by the way something fairly obvious if you took the time to hear the rhythms and tones of his speech.  I was immediately enraged that one of my neighbors had leveled such an insensitive insult.

There is a stripe of liberal who is so full of their own superiority, that they feel that they are above the normal rules of social intercourse.  Brown Shirts were truly awful, racist thugs who assaulted German citizens, destroyed their property and acted as the mailed fist of Hitler’s rise to power.  Name for me one Boy Scout who has been linked to such crimes.

Moreover, my young Bosnian friend’s family had likely been on the receiving end of Nazi-Style thuggery.  Maybe I can find a survivor of the Rwandan genocide he can call a storm-trooper.

If I knew which idiot had said such a thing, I’d deliver a fresh piece of my mind hot off the grill.  Still, the same sort of jackass who would call a Boy Scout a Brown Shirt is the same kind of idiot who thinks September 11th was an inside job and most likely has a quarter inch-thick of Reason-Impervious paint.

I try to be patient with those with whom I disagree.  I genuinely believe that knowledge is a thing to be held humbly, shared gently and sought after earnestly.  I am firm in my convictions because I am careful about the convictions I adopt. Nevertheless I realize that this is a big world and I have been known to be wrong, off base, ill-informed or flat out bat-snot crazy upon occasion.  That said, I cannot tell you how often I have heard or read some incandescent liberal spout off the most ignorant self-refuting bile radiating self-righteousness so bright you could get a first-degree burn.

I know my side is hardly above name calling, but calling John Kerry a flip-flopper is a lot different than calling George Bush the moral equivalent to Hitler. It seems to me that for many folks on the Left, their righteousness absolves them of the need for class.