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Democrats and Infidelity

One of my neighbors has an Obama bumper sticker “Women for Obama” or some such thing.  Most Democrat candidates get some sort of majority of women voters.  I don’t find this particularly surprising as the Democrats have a lengthy record of pitching themselves as the caring party.  However, the recent record of national-level Democrats seems pretty dismal in the good for women category if you consider their wives.

John Edwards is the latest guy to be caught making his poor wife stand out in front of God and Everybody and listen to him deny an affair knowing full well that what their husband is saying is a lie.  Bill Clinton, Jim McGreevy, New York governor Elliot Spitzer and the man who took over the Governor’s mansion David Patterson have acknowledged affairs.

I am not quite as good a husband as I would like to be and I have done plenty to break my wife’s heart in word and deed, but so far I haven’t done this.  Part of it is a healthy fear of waking up with St. Peter having an angel extract an aluminum bat from my skull, but part of it is the knowledge that there is almost nothing I could do that would wound Gemey more.

To be clear, any fool can make an egregious error and I intend neither to pile on or impugn an entire party for the sins of a few.  However, you would think that a man who claims that his ideas are best for women would first and foremost be the best for his wife.  Further, you would think that a nation of women would wonder how a man who would break his wife’s heart could possibly be someone whose ideas were in the best interests of women.

Is there anything more important to your average woman than her family?  How then can they anticipate solid leadership on issues that pertain to the family from a party that seems to attract to the highest levels such…pigs?  Can you expect policies that spring from such men to be all that beneficial to women?

I don’t know how to hammer the point home any more than that.  I know that a substantial minority of women equate the easy access to abortion to be the touchstone of being pro-woman.  I can follow the logic of reproductive freedom even if I am appalled at the conclusion.  However, even “reproductive freedom” has had the net effect of widening the playing field of horn-dogs.

Obama is, as far as I can tell, a decent enough family man.  He does not deserve to have Edward’s or the aforementioned rogue’s gallery hung around his neck personally.  Still, the team he is leading seems to have a lot of tolerance for such figures.  I would be interested in hearing Obama’s views on the role of a husband and father in contrast to how many of these high-profile political figures have conducted their lives.